Please watch Vegas Vibes Season 3 with your host Emeralda Padilla-Gould with our lovely guest for the season. Here in Vegas Vibes we will be featuring amazingly talented people from many walks of life who contribute in making Las Vegas so unique around the world. We are Vegas Vibes Junction, we focus on music, pageantry, and live production scenes in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould, singer, tv host, and beauty queen rolled into one.

Vegas Vibes with Sophia Alexis Ramos

Vegas Vibes with John Melo

Vegas Vibes with Jimmy Borja

Vegas Vibes with Leo Szanto

Vegas Vibes with Tang Liping

Vegas Vibes with Crystal Effio

Vegas Vibes with Mark Stewart Villamac Ho a.k.a. Bagyo

Vegas Vibes Season 3 with Isabelle Karamooz

Vegas Vibes with Cal Border

Vegas Vibes Season 3 with Anna Cui and Julie Ann Decena

Vegas Vibes Season 3 with Cecile and Mighty plus Jeff McBride