About Esmeralda Padilla-Gould

Esmeralda Padilla-Gould hails from the prominent showbiz Padilla clan in the Philippines.  She emigrated from the Philippines to the United States of America with her immediate family in 1996. While still acclimatizing to the new culture, Esmeralda soon joined the church choir and mixed with the community while performing every time the opportunity presented itself.  Being influenced from an early age by her family’s popular entertainment status, she found herself entertaining Las Vegas crowds through her passion for singing.

Esmeralda has always wanted to bring pride and prestige to her Padilla clan, and winning the title of Mrs. Asian Las Vegas in 2014 has started a string of events that constantly make this dream a reality. She has inspired the younger generation, as well as mothers like herself, to get involved and reach for their own dreams no matter how “unreachable” their goals may appear at the time.

Esmeralda clearly remembers that “uprooting herself from the loving and comfortable arms of family, extended family and childhood friends in the Philippines” to the seemingly concrete Jungle of Las Vegas presented a myriad of challenges and obstacles, especially when she got married and blessed with a son.

She always had to make selfless decisions in favor of devoting her energy and available free time to be productive with her family. Those years helped shaped Esmeralda into being a humanitarian at heart and is very passionate about being involved in her community. She was formerly the President of Las Vegas Spring Valley Lions Club, as well as the President of Wellness Enhancers International Foundation.

In 2017, Esmeralda aspired to a new path in her now familiar entertainment industry, later being invited by the popular Vegas-based Global Asian Network, ACTV to become a TV personality, newscaster on Asian News, host-producer of Music Asia, Culture Clash, Music Planet and VegasVibes aka VegasVibes Junction.

Music Planet quenched Esmeralda’s thirst for singing.  Not only was it a weekly show, it was also a 2-hour “LIVE” show, which means preparing for the show was key to making the show a success. The preparation began right after each show ended every Thursday evening.  Choosing her own songs and practicing these songs, is just one of things Esmeralda did on this program.  Choosing and reaching out to the guests of each weekly show is another major thing.  Coordinating all the other production components of the show which earned Esmeralda the title of Producer, and Co-hosting the show, were 2 of the most challenging aspects of the Music Planet program for Esmeralda.

The VegasVibes Junction TV show is all about the music, pageantry and live production scenes in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World.  Reporting about what’s groovin’ and brewin’ in those 3 areas of concentration was very challenging initially, but as more and more activities were streamed live or zoomed or even done via delayed video transmissions, Esmeralda was able to not just survive but overcome and expanded her show’s coverage, even attracted bigger names in the industry. VegasVibes is being distributed in local and global platforms including but not limited to ROKU, KODI, AMAZON FIRETV, BINGENETWORKS.TV, YOUTUBE, VIMEO, WCETV, SAMSUNG SMART TV, LG SMART TV, IOS, ANDROID, CHROME, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SATELLITE AND CABLE TV PLATFORMS, PZAZ.TV, HEROGOTV.COM AND EVEN LOW-POWER TV CHANNEL Las Vegas KGNG 26.8.

And now, VegasVibes Junction has plunged into the next level…its on network…VEGASVIBES NETWORK, also available on ROKU, AMAZON FIRETV and YOUTUBE!

Esmeralda’s biggest and the longest ever challenge in life is the COVID 19 pandemic.  So many friends and relatives of Esmeralda have passed on.  Esmeralda’s response to this challenge: during the pandemic, I’ve learned that it pays to trust the Lord as He is our Maker and Savior, so He is the source of peace and wisdom.  And investing in relationships help a great deal when navigating through life’s challenges.


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