VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 10 with Veronica Lopez-Medrano

Veronica Lopez-Medrano

VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 10 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould is proud to feature Veronica Lopez-Medrano Ms. Medrano is a singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and community leader.

Veronica is the amazing lady behind this beautiful song, Humanity, which promotes human kindness and was composed in remembrance of the October 1st, 2017 tragedy in Las Vegas.

I’d like to thank a very good friend of mine, Christine Small, for introducing Ms. Veronica to VegasVibes.

VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 8 with Cherilynne Springer, LJ Harness and Gary Anthony

Cherilynne Springer, LJ Harness & Gary Anthony

VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 8 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould is proud to feature very talented and exciting Las Vegas personalities on VegasVibes.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us, Ms. CheriLynne Springer Taylor (Mrs. Nevada Globe Classic 2017-2018), Mr. LJ Harness, Mr. Gary Anthony, and Jeff Manning. A special thanks to Neise Cordeiro for connecting such wonderful people with us.

Please support their fundraiser: The W.I.N. Foundation Gala, a red carpet event called “Night of Voices.” It will be held at the Italian American Club on Saturday, May 12, from 6pm-10pm. Tickets are available to purchase online at Ticket price includes dinner, dance, and live entertainment. There will also be a live auction, to generate revenue to specifically benefit the Women In Need (women who were abused.) The united platform of Mrs. Globe beauty pageant. Profits generated will be donated to W.I.N. Foundation.

Performers: (in no particular order)
* Rob Garrett
* Cookie Watkins
* Gary Anthony
* Zowie Bowie
* Murray Sawchuck
* Bobby Wilson

Hosted by: Ms. CheriLynne Springer Taylor, Mrs. Nevada Globe Classic 2017-2018

Emcee: LJ Harness, automobile executive, professional drummer, and percussionist.

Auctioneer: Jeff Manning, recognized nationally as benefit auctioneer specialist and philanthropist.

Photographs courtesy of Gerand Juntilla Photography

VegasVibes Season 1 with Arthur Mendoza in March 2018

Art Mendoza

Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist & TV Personality

VegasVibes Season 1 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould is very excited to introduce her very own segment, VegasVibes, on Asian Culture TV (ACTV). She’ll be featuring amazingly talented people from many walks of life who contribute in making Las Vegas incredibly unique throughout the world!

For her pilot episode, Esmeralda had the pleasure of interviewing somebody she truly admires when it comes to talent. He is the producer and host of Music Asia, also known as the Sinatra specialist. He’s none other than Mr. Arthur Mendoza.