VegasVibes Season 2 Episode 12 with Carolyne Scott in October 2018

Carolyne Scott

R & B Sensation

VegasVibes Season 2 Episode 12 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould featuring an international singer, songwriter, recording artist, actress, model, and the new R & B sensation, Carolyne Scott.  Ms. Scott just recently arrived from Japan where she did series of shows to promote her compilation of songs and music videos.  She’s very passionate about singing and uses her talent to support her advocacy of “No to gun violence.’

VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 13 with Roy Hamilton Jr.

Roy Hamilton Jr.

VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 13 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould is very proud to feature Roy Hamilton Jr. A star in his own right, Mr. Hamilton Jr. is a singer, songwriter, and the son of the legendary golden boy of songs, the late Roy Hamilton Sr.

VegasVibes Season 1 Episode 3 with Joy Ngaosiath a.k.a. DJ Miss Joy

DJ Miss Joy

Ms. Joy Ngaosivath is talented, innovative and original. She’s a DJ by profession and is known as DJ Miss Joy in The Entertainment Capital of the World. She has an alter ego in the persona of DJ Light Princess. She’s also passionate about being involved in the community and volunteers to humanitarian organizations in hopes of making a difference in her own little way.

VegasVibes Season 1 with Arthur Mendoza in March 2018

Art Mendoza

Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist & TV Personality

VegasVibes Season 1 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould is very excited to introduce her very own segment, VegasVibes, on Asian Culture TV (ACTV). She’ll be featuring amazingly talented people from many walks of life who contribute in making Las Vegas incredibly unique throughout the world!

For her pilot episode, Esmeralda had the pleasure of interviewing somebody she truly admires when it comes to talent. He is the producer and host of Music Asia, also known as the Sinatra specialist. He’s none other than Mr. Arthur Mendoza.