VegasVibes Season 7 with Ted Igarashi, Entertainer & Entrepreneur

Ted Igarashi
Entertainer & Entrepreneur

VegasVibes hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould features Mr. Ted Igarashi. Mr. Igarashi is a former restaurateur and Japanese-English translator for the goverment. Now that he is retired, he has more time to do what he loves which is singing for various organizations and events in Las Vegas.  He is also passionate about teaching and formed a Japanese karaoke class for aspiring singers at the West Flamingo Senior Center in Las Vegas that he hopes to continue to do once the pandemic is over.

VegasVibes Season 6 with Kendra Daniels, Professional Entertainer, Beauty Queen & Entrepreneur

Kendra Daniels, Professional Entertainer, Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur


Kendra Daniels is an American vocalist, whose powerful range and versatility assists in bringing her unique style of New Country Pop to an audience nationwide, her ultimate goal of becoming a national icon is becoming a reality. New Country Pop speaks to Kendra as she feels it portrays real-life situations. Inspired by her parents, music has been a big part of who she is for as long as she can remember. Kendra’s musical ability was evoked as a result of being the child of the lead singers of the prolific and notable rock band “Hush” in the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Kendra’s talent shines through at many charity events. As a role model, Kendra is a great motivator, showing all that the sky is the limit! Becoming well established through a determined mindset, acting helped her to secure a steady flow of work in the film industry. Modeling through commercials, print, live events and petite runway led her to working with some of the brightest consummate professionals.

VegasVibes Season 6 with Michael Ross Nugent, Professional Vocalist & Entertainer

Michael Ross Nugent Professional Vocalist & Entertainer

VegasVibes hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould features Mr. Michael Ross Nugent. Mr. Nugent is a 26 year old vocalist and entertainer from Buffalo, NY. He relocated to Las Vegas a year ago to further his passion for performing. As a teenager, he fell in love with the big band sound, including the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble, and Bobby Darin.

Michael is an old soul, and places an emphasis on keeping the spirit of the “Rat Pack” era alive and well for future generations to enjoy!
He performs regularly at the Las Vegas Italian American Club, located at 2333 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89104.

VegasVibes Season 6 with Leon Patillo

VegasVibes hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould had the honor interviewing Mr. Leon Norman Patillo, an accomplished singer, songwriter, and the former lead vocalist of the Latin music and rock band called Santana formed by the Mexican American guitarist Carlos Santana.


When Leon was singing with the Latin rock and roll group, Santana, he would look out into the vast crowds of nameless, faceless people filling the auditorium—some coming just to party, some to be entertained, and some because it was the concert to attend. But some, Leon felt, were coming with heavy hearts, questioning their lives and searching for answers. At the height of his pop career with Santana, Leon left the group with a burning desire to satisfy those hungering hearts with music that would make a difference in their lives.

After leaving Santana, he launched a solo career with Word Records and became a one man band where he put together a dazzling, computerized show. He released a string of successful albums and performed in different arenas and coliseums all over the world and had his own television show on TBN called Leon and Friends.

Leon sees himself as an encourager—a vessel chosen, to bring joy into the hearts of many people. His concerts are always filled with excitement, humor and inspirational teaching. He crosses all age groups and ethnic boundaries and is a total performer who can sing, dance and motivate.

For many years, he has used his voice, motivating gifts and music for concerts, radio and TV hosting and has had amazing success and visibility with Gold and platinum albums.

From 1999-2011, Leon travelled with the Get Motivated Seminars where he performed on stage with such personalities as Zig Ziglar, Mayor Giuliani, Laura Bush, Colin Powell and other notable speakers.

In 2012, Leon moved to Vegas and started a youth foundation called S.I.N.G. – Sowing Into Next Generation, whose goal is to bring positive inspiration to a mostly negatively influenced generation.

In 2016 Leon launched Ready 2 Rise Children’s Network, which is designated primarily to Rise Above the Bullying Assemblies in Middle Schools and High Schools.

Recently, he has been going to schools to share his experience as a young teenager being bullied and is showing kids how they could rise above bullying. He wrote a song with the same title and is available on iTunes. The lyrics have a message for the bullied and the bully.

To partner with us and help us help those who are being plagued by this epidemic, call us or go to

Leon continues to inspire, encourage and bring joy to many people through concerts and speaking engagements at different churches, festivals, special functions, fund raisers and conferences.

For more information about the foundation and its projects, go to

To order CDs or download Leon’s music, go to or call 562-489-6052.

VegasVibes Season 5 with Dixie Dooley

Dixie Dooley, an Award-winning &
Record-setting Magician, Illusionist & Entertainer

What is a master mystifier? An entertainer? A magician? An illusionist?  How about all three? When it comes to Las Vegas, there is only one true master mystifier, and his name is Dixie Dooley. For over 30 years, Dixie Dooley has been performing high-quality magic in Las Vegas, and he has recently taken his talents to the newly remodeled shopping center, The Boulevard!

An award-winning and record-setting magician, Dixie Dooley has been a Las Vegas staple for years since his initial appearance at the Sahara in 1978. In addition to his numerous performances and magic acts, Dixie has also produced several long-running shows and is even an author. Moreover, Dixie even has his day in Las Vegas! November 13th is officially Dixie Dooley Day, proclaimed by Mayor Goodman and the city due to Dixie’s years of entertainment and charitable works for the community.

Every Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm, families, and friends can witness a real spectacle at The Boulevard that guarantees a great show. Dixie Dooley brings a high-energy performance wherever he goes, using a variety of illusions, tricks, and even death defining stunts (like the upside down strait jacket escape, being buried 6 feet underground and blindfold drives). His interactions with the audience are a sure highlight, making them feel like they’re part of the show instead of a regular one-person act.

The Boulevard in Las Vegas has been revamping its image after an extended sabbatical. A plethora of enhancements has been introduced to improve The Boulevard’s accessibility for visitors. Part of The Boulevard’s restoration process is bringing in unique events like Dixie’s magic acts. The goal is to separate The Boulevard from ordinary and simple shopping centers, making it one of a kind, like Dixie Dooley himself.

VegasVibes Season 5 with Mike Perry

Michael Perry
Singer & Songwriter


Mike began his career as a vocalist at the age of 5 while his father was stationed at Clark AFB in the Philippines.  Mike sat in with his dad’s band at a live performance and was hooked and would continue performing throughout his teen years in church & school in both choral music & vocal jazz.  He joined the US Navy and went on to perform in several cities throughout the United States, as well as Europe in such places as Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece and Jordan. He moved to the Washington DC area in the mid-90s and begin playing locally with various keyboard players and in 2001 he became the lead vocalists for Cityscape, a 10 piece band that performed throughout the metro DC/MD/VA area for several years and later he became the front man/lead vocalist for the featured act “Journey2Boston” (later became the band Mimic) thrilling audiences in arenas and at many states sponsored events across the country.  Using his rich, five octave vocal range and his dynamic personality, he can dazzle a crowd. Mike received his BA Degree from George Mason University and attended the Naval Post Graduate School.  His style is unique and he has been popular with clients and crowds in the greater Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area for many years, performing at numerous weddings, corporate and private events.  His list of venues include The Cosmos Club, National Press Club, Congressional Country Club, the Ritz Carlton, The Oatlands, and the Four Seasons Hotel to name a few. His vocal genres includes; Top 40, R&B, classic rock, country, standards & oldies. Mike moved to Las Vegas in late 2016 & Mike can be seen performing from time to time in Monterey, CA. 

VegasVibes Season 5 with Felson Palad, Gospel Artist & Ministry Leader

Felson Palad

Gospel Artist & Ministry Leader

VegasVibes Season 5 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould is proud to feature Felson Palad.  Mr. Palad is a talented gospel artist and ministry leader.

Felson Palad is a resident artist at The Upper Room. Felson’s love for singing began when he was a child as he would sing to his mother to help her wind down for the day. Today, Felson performs all over the world with various groups for the purpose of encouraging and building with others in their faith of the gospel of Christ. Felson is a gifted singer in the genres of Pop, R&B, and Gospel music. So far, he has one album, called In The Palm of His Hand, which he recorded along with his sister Sheena, and is presently working on a second solo gospel album, which is due to be released in April, 2019. Felson has been involved in directing and performing in concerts for various ministries throughout the years, such as Brand-New Day, Music for Life, Home of Joy Orphanage and the We Exalt You Jesus Foundation. He is currently helping at the South Pasadena Christian Church as a part time worship leader. Felson always had a heart for working with young teens, fulfilling his ambition to use his musical abilities to evangelize and support the church of Christ. The Upper Room is happy to endorse Felson’s giftedness as he continues to use his passion of music to bless and encourage the masses who participate while always enjoying his performances.