VegasVibes Season 9 Episode 13 Reese Idica

Reese Idica

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master

VegasVibes 2021 Season 9 Episode 13 hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould proudly features Reese Idica. Coach Reese was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. He started his career in Martial Arts at the tender age of 13 and mastered the arts of Kenpo, Muay Thai, Kali, Jun Fan JKD, wrestling, boxing, and shootfighting.

In 1997 he was influenced by the early days of UFC fighting by a friend to try out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also began competing in in-house MMA gym competitions (since Mixed Martial Arts at the time was not well received in the communities and the public.)

Thank you for joining us, Reese, it’s a pleasure having you today. When did you move to Las Vegas and start your journey with martial arts?

“In 2001, I moved to Las Vegas. I became a student of the First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA school of Las Vegas called “Jsect” owned by former UFC fighter John Lewis (also known as a pioneer of MMA and the owner of the MMA show called World Fighting Alliance). John was instrumental in the merging of the Fertittas buying the UFC. He was also their first Jiu Jitsu Teacher.”

Are there any well known or exceptional fighters you’ve had trained/fought with?

“I’ve trained with world class MMA Fighters and Grapplers such as John Lewis, Marc Laimon, Sim Go, Sonny Nohara, Kimo Leopoldo, Marvin Eastman, Rafael Lovato, Carlos Newton, Gilbert Yvel, Jeff Glover, Frank Trigg, Razor Rob McCullough, Vitor Shaolin” says Idica.

You seem to be quite involved and well rounded with several styles. Have ever considered teaching?

“I am also certified as a Black Belt and affiliated under the powerhouse team in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the UFC called “Nova Uniao” aka New Union. I assisted teaching at Fight Capital Gym (formerly JSect) in June of 2013 and began my Journey as a Black Belt in January of 2015. “ Reese continues….
“Since then I have opened up under my own BJJ academy called Nova Uniao Las Vegas/Rivals BJJ.”

Reese is a multi-faceted individual, to say the least. He continues, “I have also been a Law Enforcement Official for 1 5 years. I instruct my own Defensive Tactics Lesson Plan For Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies and have the only Jiu Jitsu based P.O.ST. Approved Certification in Nevada.”